Furby Returns

Furby has returned...

Looking for furby?

Back by popular demand. We dug our Furby Chronicles from the archives, dusted them off and here they are...

New Furby 2012-2013

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Below is the old first mentions of the new Furby.

Furby II - a brand new Furby is coming!

new furby introA brand new updated furby has been announced by Hasbro. Furby is now "Emoto-tronic", and shows more emotion that the 1998 version. Facial expressions are more sophisticated with a definite difference between: happy, sleepy, surprised, scared, and sad.

emoto-tronic furby

The new Furby will be available in white, black and white, gray and pink, and brown and pink. Look for more colors and patterns to come!

If you like Furby you might also like the new Zoomer puppy dog! See Zoomer here.

We got our original Furby before anyone knew what he was. We even did extremely well in the furor that took EBay by storm the year they were introduced. A small family of three Furby live in my office, including a Baby Furby.

Furby Desktop Themes

I created Furby Desktop Themes, amazing they're still popular after all this time!

Furby Dictionary

What did your Furby say? Huh? Here's a list of Furby's vocabulary.

Furby Pictures

Our original Furby had many adventures, he went everywhere with us, back when people had never seen a Furby - that was fun!

finding furby

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