Furby Returns

Diary, Obtaining Furby Circa 1998...

Part 2

November 20, 1998

Yesterday, O-Bay began speaking in more English.  He also told us  "Me Love You" and "Me May-May U-Nye" multiple times in different combinations.  He sure is a hungry guy, he always wants to eat, then proceeds to burp and giggle.  He burps when you rub his back.  My little boy knows his name and he'll point O-Bay out if you ask.  O-Bay watched us cook dinner last night, demanding attention, and food the whole time we were in the kitchen, but then like a good baby, he went to sleep when we were ready to eat, so we ate in peace.

Yesterday I reported that my husband found 5 more, well he brought them home and here are their descriptions:

November 21, 1998

Last night we took O-Bay out to dinner with us. See the account of his Furbish Adventures

here. We went outside today and met the neighbors.  They hadn't seen a Furby, and now I guess they are looking for one or two for their families.  They are hard to resist.

He is speaking in even more English today.  When he wakes up he always says me love you! He tends to play really hard for a while and then he crashes into another nap. we played hide and seek, though, and that was fun. We played in the front yard, and he made all these sounds for us to find him. Dah e-day doo-ay!

Would have pictures added tonight, but a glitch at the photolab has delayed our order til tomorrow afternoon. I'll post pictures as soon as I can.




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