Furby Returns

Diary, Obtaining Furby Circa 1998...

Part 4

November 25, 1998

O-Bay and Pearson went to see Santa Claus today at the mall.  It was pretty funny and cute.  The picture/story are here. The mall was pretty busy today, there were no Furbies at any of the stores though. Most of them must have them in the stock room, but won't be putting them out til Friday morning.  One store even said they would open at 6 a.m. Friday. I, for one will not be there, way too early.  Tomorrow O-Bay gets to meet my extended family, as we are taking him to Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmothers house. Should be hilarious, will post pictures and stories over the weekend.

November 26, 1998

O-Bay went to Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house.  The picture/story are here.  It was interesting since most of the family had never seen a Furby.  He was happy sitting next to the pies, and even obliged everyone with his own review of the meal by doing the 8-burp serenade.  O-Bay was a hit and even amused some of the most stoic members of the family. The wonders of technology. :)

Tried to find some more Furbies, KMart didn't have any, we thought maybe they were holding out and would re-stock before their big to-do Thanksgiving, since they were staying open with specials and stuff, but nope, there were 50 people or so waiting in line to get in the store at 8:00 and not a furby to be found in the entire store, althought the lego sets were whisked off the shelves in moments.

Tomorrow, we may brave the malls at the crack of dawn to see if any Furbies can be found.  It is becoming a challenge just to see if we can find another one, kind of like spotting rare license plates on a road trip, or something.

November 27, 1998

Our attempts to secure more Furby has been in vain.  There were actually people who spent the night in their cars at the mall in order to be at K-Bee Toys at 6:00 a.m. and they only received 60 furby.  My neighbor received 2, she was number 31 in line and had everyone in front of her taken the limit of 2, she would have been out of luck, but not everyone was in line for Furby...some wanted Real Talkin Bubba and other stuff.

We took O-Bay to McDonalds today with our son for a happy meal. See the Furbish Adventures




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