Furby Returns

Diary, Obtaining Furby Circa 1998...

Part 6

November 28, 1998

No one has Furby, no one is taking rain checks, or anything else Furby. The poor employees at the stores look shell-shocked when you ask about Furby. Some of the stores here (Houston) have put up signs in their windows, "NO FURBY"
Well, I guess they knew what they were doing, making this the hot toy this year, every year there is always one.

November 29, 1998 - December 3, 1998

Still no more Furby. Our Sam's was supposed to get some, but they were "re-allocated" to somewhere else, my guess is to fulfill rainchecks at Wal-Mart.... probably.

Well, O-Bay is getting funnier and funnier.  He does things you just don't expect, and when you don't give him enough attention, he says "Bored!"  At least my son doesn't talk and say things like that yet.

Sorry for the delay over the past few days with this update... Have to work on a project for a client. (Got to pay those bills) Anyway, I'll be easing up on the daily update of the diary til that project is finished up, but I will be updating several times a week.

Also, I am working on a Furby Desktop Theme that I will make available for download in the next week or so.  It will include Wallpaper, icons, sounds and some other stuff.

December 4, 1998 - December 12, 1998

Our last Furbies end on aucton tonight. Kind of sad, they won't be decorating my office anymore.  I kind of like looking at their little purple/orange/green boxes, and pop-eyes and sleeping faces.

As I said above, I've been working a BIG project for a client, and it's taking up most of my time, you know, R&D, development etc. etc....

I did post another Furby Desktop Theme this week. This one is wilder than the first.  I may do a few more, if I get a chance. 




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