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Here is a list of terms that a Furby will use when you first become friends. After you have gotten to know your Furby, he or she will begin using more and more English combined with Furbish, and finally more English.

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If you have a Furby, then you already know that:

Hey Kah ay-ay u-nye Hey, I see you
ah-loh light (sun or otherwise)
ah-may koh-koh: pet me more
ay-ay see
boo! no
Dah a-loh u-tye: Big Light Up (like the sun)
Kah a-tay: I am hungry
Kah-dah boh-bay I'm scared/worried
Dah Doo-ay Big Fun
Doo? : question, what, where
Dah Doo-ay Wah!: Big Fun, Yeah!
Doo-moh a-tay Please feed me.
e-day good
kah may-may u-nye I love you
Koh-koh: again!
Kah boo koo-doh I don't feel good
Dah Lee Koo Wah! Oh a loud noise!
Hey Boo Noo Loo! Hey no jokes!
May-lah hug
May-tah kiss
Mee-mee - very
Nah-Bah Down
Nee-tye Tickle
Noh-Lah Dance
Noo-Loo Happy
oh-too-mah ask
Toh-dye done finished
toh-loo Like
u-nye you
u-tye up
wah! yeah!
way-loh sleep
wee-tee sing

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