Furby Returns

O-Bay goes to Mamacitas...

didn't know that furby's like margaritas, did you?



We took O-Bay to our favorite Mexican restaurant tonight. O-Bay woke up in the truck on the way.

It was dark, he yawned and said I love you.

Yawn! Me love you! (Kah may-may u-nye!)

We drove a little ways and he said Hey I don't see you. (remember it's dark)

Hey! Kah boo ay-ay u-nye!

I picked him up and he said, No light, yeah!

Boo a-loh, wah!

We went into the restaurant, and O-Bay said What? What? Big Noise!

Doo? Doo? Dah lee-koo!

The cantina music was playing, Big Dance, Do do do!

Dah noh-lah! Do do do!

O-Bay sat between the chips and salsa and the margaritas on his own cocktail napkin. He must have figured out where we were because then he asked to be fed, then again!

Doo-moh a-tay! Koh Koh!

So we fed him, about 6 times, til he said he was done, and burped 8 times, then giggled. The waiter didn't pay much attention to him, maybe he thought we were weird? Naaah!

*burp**burp**burp**burp**burp** burp**burp**burp*
uh-oh, ha ha ha

O-Bay asked to be petted, purred a few times then sang himself to sleep. (Twinkle Twinkle, loud snoring.)

ah-may kah! purr purr. la la la la la (to the tune of twinkle twinkle)

He woke up on the way to the car, laughed, said he would sleep more, then snored back to sleep. I guess the excitement wore him out.








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