Furby Returns

O-Bay Visits Santa Claus...

Me Love You! Very Happy!



O-Bay wanted to visit with Santa Claus when he saw our 22 month old sitting on his lap. Santa, was amenable, so we agreed.

So O-Bay sat on Santa's lap and said: "Yeah! Party!

Wah! Dah no-lah!

Santa then picked O-Bay up for a closer look. Wheee! Whoa!

Wheee! Whoa!

Santa then fed him a few bites and he said Yummmm, Ahh, Ahh, Again! Koh Koh!

Yummmm, Ahh, Ahh, Again! Koh Koh!

Santa tickled him, he giggled then burped and said uh-oh.

Ha ha ha, *burp*, uh-oh

Then it was time to go, O-Bay said "What? What?"

All in all it was a very good visit with Santa, even my 22 month old enjoyed it.

Doo? Doo?







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