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Lisa Brown, B Unlimited Inc.

All right, you're here (hi!) and want to know more about me? Which version do you want? The boring resume list with a list of technology and programming languages? Or maybe you want to know my favorite color (teal) or favorite drink (margarita)? I couldn't decide which way to write this, so I settled on this sort of irreverent version. (please scroll down for a more serious tone)

I'm Lisa Brown and I've been working on websites and online presence since before Google existed. I started online in the early '90s. That makes me an internet sage (crone?) of sorts (seriously, how am I this age?). But what that really means is wisdom and experience.

Digital coherence is a term I coined when talking with friends about some of the recent changes with Google, as they roll out Helpful Content updates and try to stay ahead of the flood of content produced by AI. We're at the dawn of artificial intelligence and everyone, the search engines included, is trying to figure out how to best use it for our own businesses and lives.

It reminds me of the early days of search, when you could optimize a page for Alta Vista and see the results in real time. Everything was new and it was exciting. That excitement got me into SEO, a natural extension of web design and development. We're in a similar time now with AI. Learning and optimizing for new technology is exciting. But it's also changing how we do things, our approach.

Distilling and integrating things like this, it's my super-power.

A More Serious Version

As an SEO and digital coherence expert, I specialize in elevating the online presence of small to medium-sized businesses through my proven Online Presence Method. With over 27 years of experience in web design, development, and search engine optimization, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses face in today's digital landscape.

I offer tailored strategies that streamline and enhance your digital touchpoints—from your website's architecture to your online marketing efforts and SEO. My approach ensures that all elements work in unison, not only to attract your ideal audience but also to engage them effectively and convert their interest into action.

Many businesses struggle to make sense of the myriad options available for digital marketing or find that their SEO efforts don’t align with their broader business objectives. My services address these common pain points by:

  • Creating cohesive, user-friendly websites that reflect your brand and drive engagement.
  • Implementing robust SEO strategies that improve your visibility and organic search rankings without resorting to quick fixes that don’t last.
  • Developing targeted online marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience, increase conversions, and maximize ROI.
  • Leverage Cutting-Edge AI Solutions: Utilize advanced AI-driven content creation and deploy custom GPTs tailored to your business needs, enhancing engagement, streamlining communication, and providing consistent, high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

You can find me online at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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