Getting SEO done is a process with many moving parts. For larger teams, with finite resources the timelines can extend out months. Working with us on a consulting basis cane help you prioritize where to begin as well as provide oversight and review as things get implemented, providing perspective and course correction.

Here are some of the ways we can work with you and your team:

SEO, Ongoing Support

Don’t let anyone tell you that SEO is easy. Sure, the concepts are easy to learn and understand, don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s not foundational to your digital marketing strategy. Getting something wrong in your foundation can cause your team to work harder than necessary to get to your desired results.

We don’t think you can build a site without considering your audience, your market, your business goals and search engine optimization and how the technology you use becomes your platform. Digital marketing and SEO have many moving parts. How things are implemented matters. Getting it right adds to the bottom line.

Get Better Results from Your SEO Efforts

Even as the technology has made it easier to create a web presence and tools have made it easier to keep up with, it has also added layers of complexity. Many businesses miss foundational things on their website, so they end up working harder to achieve results. We’ve seen it happen to companies big and small. Things like:

  • a sitemap that’s out of date and doesn’t list all of your products
  • having multiple URLs that return the same content
  • missing or duplicate title tags and meta descriptions
  • thin pages with little or no content
  • faceted navigation gone wild
  • 404 not found errors, missing redirects
  • and many others

Sometimes errors or inconsistencies creep in over time, sometimes the technology changes and yesterday’s best practice is no longer valid. Spotting mistakes like these and making recommendations to remedy them is our specialty.  Whether you’ve got a long established site or you’re starting a new project, we can help you avoid the pitfalls. Already in the midst of sorting out a mess? We can help there, too.

Create a solid foundation to build authority and naturally gain links and traffic through a properly optimized site, laser focused content and social outreach. This isn’t a quick fix, it’s about sustainable growth, white hat methods. Nothing spammy here.

We offer engagements where we work with your team on your situation’s specific needs. We limit the number of businesses we work with, to make sure we can give you our best attention. This allows us to dive deep within a project and understand it to the fullest. If you’re interested in discussing your project, please complete the short form below, and we’ll be in touch with next steps.

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