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Search engine optimization is the foundation of your online marketing platform. A technical audit maps your site to identify gaps and opportunities.

A site audit is the start of the SEO and marketing process. If you’ve already got a site, it’s important to know where you are and how you stand in order to create a plan to improve your results.

The process of an SEO audit can uncover new opportunities as well as reveal deficiencies and gaps in your existing site and content. Is your site optimized or do you just think it is?

We work with professionals, business owners and stakeholders to create an audit that gives real, actionable items that can be applied by your team. They are explained in both plain English and in technical terms, making it easy for everyone involved to understand and for the technical or marketing team to implement.

What does a site audit provide?

Your audit provides you with information detailing how the search engines see your site. This includes your site architecture, how things are organized, your content, how the content is formatted with header tags and other html elements, how your navigation and other repeating site elements appear, your site’s load time, whether your site is mobile friendly, your internal and external links and competition for your primary keywords, use of structured data, hreflang (if applicable) along with other factors.

No two sites are exactly alike so our audit adapts to your situation, no cookie cutter, push button reports here.

What makes an SEO site audit important?

  • It’s important because it’s a fresh look at your site, not from your team. It’s human nature, we get used to looking at things when we work with it daily, making it easy to miss the obvious when it is right in front of us. Fresh perspective makes a difference.
  • Your audit is a benchmark and will give you insight into how you match up vs. your competitors in the marketplace This insight is guidance in what you need to change or do more of.
  • SEO and marketing best practices and guidelines change over time, an audit gives you a checkup and can uncover things that no longer serve your site then gives you actionable steps to take to stay on top of things. Right now this includes things like SSL, mobile readiness and site speed.
  • An audit can uncover areas of your site that aren’t performing, that have outdated content or that need new fresh content. Your audit can also allow you to correct errors in order to reclaim traffic that would otherwise be lost.

Your audit provides a map to improvement and underscores what’s working. Ready to map out your next steps? Get in touch today. And remember, if you need ongoing support as you work through implementation, we can help.

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