Intentional SEO
Analysis & Audit

Turning SEO Gaps into
Growth Opportunities

Search engine optimization forms the bedrock of your heart-centered online presence.

A conscious SEO audit illuminates the landscape of your site, identifying gaps and opportunities to align more deeply with your purpose and audience.

Embarking on an SEO audit is the initial step in your meaningful marketing journey. If you already have a site, understanding your current standing is crucial to strategize for improved resonance and impact.

This mindful process can reveal new opportunities for connection, as well as identify potential shortcomings in your existing site and content. Is your site truly optimized, or does it merely appear to be?

We collaborate with heart-centered professionals, purpose-driven business owners, and conscious stakeholders to create an audit that delivers actionable insights. These can be effortlessly applied by your team and are explained in both plain English and technical terms, ensuring understanding and ease of implementation for everyone involved.

What does a site audit provide?

Your audit provides you with information detailing how the search engines see your site.

This includes your site architecture, how things are organized, your content, how the content is formatted with header tags and other html elements, how your navigation and other repeating site elements appear, your site’s load time, whether your site is mobile friendly, your internal and external links and competition for your primary keywords, use of structured data, along with other factors.

Recognizing that no two heart-centered businesses are alike, our audits are custom-tailored to your unique situation, avoiding one-size-fits-all, automated reports.

Fresh Perspective:

It provides an objective, fresh look at your site, bypassing potential blind spots that can develop from your team's day-to-day familiarity.

Competitive Edge:

Your audit serves as a benchmark, granting you insights into your standing relative to other change-makers in your field. This valuable information guides your improvements and strategic decisions.

Highlighting Potential:

An audit can spotlight underperforming areas, outdated content, or spaces that yearn for fresh, inspiring content. Correcting these areas can reclaim and increase traffic, amplifying your impact.

Keep Pace with Evolution:

As SEO and marketing best practices evolve over time, an audit ensures you stay abreast of changes. It reveals outdated practices and offers actionable steps to keep your online presence vibrant and relevant.

A Guided Process for Improvement

Your conscious SEO audit paves the way for growth, emphasizing what's working and revealing the path to enhancement. Are you ready to illuminate your next steps in your heart-centered online journey? Connect with us today. Remember, we're here to provide ongoing support as you navigate the process of implementation. Let's co-create a digital presence that truly reflects your purpose and passion.