Web Design & Development Projects

We specialize in small to medium sized business website design, marketing and SEO. Based in Houston, Texas, we work with local, national and international clients. Service we offer include:

  • web design and development including WordPress
  • converting sites to WordPress  (for example: static to WordPress, or converting a site from another platform.)
  • website marketing and an in-depth roadmap process.
  • website evaluation including SEO audits

To design and develop a successful web site we follow several  basic steps:

Step One:
Evaluate Your Business and Current Web Site

  • Evaluate the needs and requirements of your business
  • Audit and evaluate your current web site
  • Evaluate your market and competition
    • who is your customer avatar, what's their persona?
    • who are your competitors in this space?
    • keyword discovery and strategy

Step Two:
Determine Your Goals and Objectives

  • Your goals for your website
  • Content Decisions: What information to present and how.
    • What is your unique selling point?
    • Will this site include e-commerce, selling online, providing information, gathering leads?
    • How will your visitors interact with the site?
    • Who are the audience you need to reach and what are their expectations?
  •  May include domain name selection for a new site.
  •  Hosting and technical requirements and other integrations.

Step Three:
Design and Develop, Website Creation

  • Organization of the site. Site architecture. Navigation.
  • Search engine optimization: on page and other elements including site speed, mobile friendliness, site maps, structured data and more.
  •  Look and Feel. User experience.
  •  Development, Interactivity, Features.
    • e-commerce
    • newsletters
    • social media integration
    • forms, surveys, quizzes
    • video, audio, slideshows
    • blog, whitepapers, case studies

 Step Four:
Ongoing Marketing and Monitoring

  • Continuous  review of analytics and other data to make sure your foundation stays strong and keeps growing.
  •  Tailored for your audience, your market, your goals.

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